Reward Yourself Without Spending a Lot

When you’ve accomplished a goal or mini-goal, you should celebrate and reward yourself (see Motivation Hack #11). However, if you do this often enough, and your rewards cost a lot, you’ll soon go broke.

J.D. at Get Rich Slowly recently posted that sometimes it’s OK to splurge, a cool statement coming from someone who promotes frugality. And I agree with him completely, but I thought it would be interesting to post a list of some ideas of cheap or free rewards.

Some ideas:

  1. buy books from a used bookstore

  2. make chocolate chip cookies (easy and delicious!)

  3. dip berries in chocolate

  4. take a day off, watch dvds

  5. ask your SO for a massage

  6. or erotic favors

  7. take a bubble bath

  8. blend a smoothie

  9. download a couple songs

  10. spend time with a loved one

  11. get your favorite take out

  12. give yourself some quiet time with a book or music

  13. take a day off from any goal activities

  14. take a nap

  15. watch your favorite TV show

  16. do something you love

  17. window shopping (can be dangerous!)

  18. go to the beach

  19. go to a museum

  20. have a cup of tea

  21. have a glass of wine with dinner

Be creative! I’m sure you can think of a lot of other free things that will give you pleasure. You deserve it!