Is your Organization Future Ready?

Just like any other institute, the work place is dominated by individuals who grow with time, worldly development and social cultures. As such, change becomes something that is an undeniable consequence of the evolution of the world –as one generation replaces the next, the characteristic of the work place continues to adapt and evolve.

One factor to consider in today’s day and age is the rate of progress the world is making. Offices become more efficient through fastening the pace of work, eliminating waste and becoming profit oriented instead of nurturing basic human needs. Just ensuring that employees have a yearly bonus, mediocre health coverage and standard working hours is not enough to sustain the new generations –they want to make an impact or leave their mark on the world. Instead, all they get are the following features:

  • A fast-paced environment

A work place that solely focuses on maximizing productivity prioritizes quick processes, feedback and results. This can become a suffocating feeling with the youth feeling like they are part of an automatic system that does not encourage their professional ambitions.


  • No room for error

Today’s work environment creates no room for error. This not only shatters the confidence of most individuals but puts undue pressure that can lead to them feeling demoralized in the long term.


  • Lack of nurturing

The perfect working environment for the youth is one that nurtures them into becoming the ideal version of themselves. They want superiors who take the time out to give advice; they want an environment that challenges them intellectually; they want a work place dominated by cooperation and harmony. An environment that in conducive to self-growth is what they are looking for.


How to encourage leadership amongst the working youth of today?

1.     Two Way Mentorship

Any workplace will host employees who belong to different generations. As such, each generation will have a particular set of skills, expertise or knowledge that they will be able to impart onto others. Creating a two-way mentorship system allows for this to occur naturally, without any points of clash, and ensures mutual benefit for all involved.

2.     Extensive Training

The current youth is more geared towards education. As such, despite having immense knowledge, they will lack the practical skills needed to complete tasks. So, creating an extensive and detailed training program is one that will surely empower the youth and mold them into better leaders for tomorrow.

3.     Social Awareness

While many employees can be satisfied with an office party now and then, the youth demands for a holistic change to be promoted. Living in a world that constantly adapts, they need their workplace to contribute positively to the evolution of the world. They are more likely to become better leaders if their moral compass is channeled for the good.

4.     Flexibility

Any environment that imposes conformity will drive away the youth. The more relaxed or flexible the working environment is, the more they feel like they can truly express their talents and abilities. Staying within a strict environment can cause them to become demoralized with the system almost instantaneously.

5.     Encourage Feedback

The youth stays away from impersonal features –partially due to the level of technological developments that have already taken over the world. Anything that is human in nature is preferred. Thus, encouraging personal feedback is ideal to give them a sense of direction.

6.     Emphasis Responsibility

Empower the youth by encouraging ownership of tasks and responsibilities. This gives them a sense of identity and purpose as they work towards a specific objective in their professional life. They will be able to apply their knowledge and test their skills accurately.


A few simple modifications to the working place, like the ones mentioned above, can provide the perfect working environment for the youth of today to feel comfortable, content and prosperous throughout their future professional life.